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In Short about me: 1 Decades of up to C-Suit international FMCG/Retail/Hospitality/B2C/D2C/B2G experience (UK/Asia/Americas/Europe) 2 Owned my own very successful chain of award-winning hospitality venues. 3 Co-founder of 2 tech firms, specialising in e-commerce, Fintech and producing marketing software last product sold to IBM for £2m. 4 In my present role taken a retailer to United Nations FCCC (carbon), the only company of this type to be listed, in fact we are listed twice. 5 Public presentations for over 20 years 6 Raised over $750,000.000 in funds for various project globally. I also have access to international funding for the right projects as long as they have some green/brown field aspect. 7 Helped grow some of the world’s largest brands globally, Disney THX, BEATS, British Airways etc.

I started selling speakers on the shop floor of a family-owned consumer electronics company when I was 14 years old, that is 33 years of real retail experience, not writing articles about it. 20 years being senior international.

I am a fearless, commercial operator and the knowledge and skills built up during my time I am sure makes me the perfect candidate for a company that wishes to boost and/or kick start a mass spurt in growth either domestic or international.

Present remuneration £100k++ but as I am financially secure myself meaning I am more than happy to look at a lower salary if a package is very LTIP biased. I can work/move to anywhere in the world and I have 1 weeks’ notice to work.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my application further.

All the best


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